As leaders in sustainable plastic print production for the horticultural industry, creating stunning, high-quality plant labels and packaging that are both recyclable and minimise-waste is hugely important to us. Therefore, we want to pave the way for success, highlighting the importance of print sustainability within the industry by demonstrating conscious printing and waste management processes.

We are proactive

As leaders in the horticultural printing industry, we are pro-active on research into the ever-changing landscape of plastic use and misuse and continually review our processes to ensure we are operating consciously.

In addition to this, we sit on the BPIF Environmental Steering Group and actively engage with others in the Print, Recycling and Waste Collection industries to enhance our knowledge and understanding of sustainability in print.

Our policy is in line with the leaders

We work in line with the UK Plastics Pact and the Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle approach to products. Because of this, you will find that our choices already confirm with the UK Government, Tesco et al.

We print on recyclable plastics by default

Creating a product that is durable, high-quality, and long-lasting is so important to us, however, we are conscious that plastics and their use can have a huge impact on our planet. Therefore, we print on a number of recyclable materials that allow us to deliver great results for our clients, whilst limiting the impact on the environment.

We recommend our specific polypropylene (PP & rPP) & Eco3

Polypropylene is a tear-resistant, lightweight, and cost-effective material which can be used for a wide range of applications thanks to its great versatility. Our special polypropylene contains a blend of mineral additives (e.g. chalk) and recycled polymers without sacrificing quality. The beauty of polypropylene is that it is widely recycled, can be reused multiple times before end of life, and when incinerated as waste-to-energy, has a relatively high calorific yield and low emissions.

We do not recommend polystyrene as this has long since been identified as hard to recycle in the UK.

Eco3, from Hortipak, has been strenuously developed over the last 8 years. It is a highly water-resistant, direct replacement for PE-coated paperboard. However, unlike PE, eco3 is sustainable, plastic-free and fully recyclable in any paper waste stream.

More than just recyclable materials

In addition to printing on recyclable materials, we also ensure that 100% of our production waste is recycled. Because we need high-quality material for print, our waste is considered to be of very high quality by recyclers. It can then be reused or recycled multiple times before end of life for example into non-food packaging, construction materials, plant pots etc.

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As a third-generation family business who have been in operation since 1952, we are best placed to advise on the best sustainable plant labelling and packaging solutions for your business.

In addition to offering high-quality, recyclable printing solutions, we can also provide the following services:

✔ Graphic and product design

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